Seedlot Selection Tool

The Seedlot Selection Tool uses climate models to define areas based on current and projected climate rather than geography alone. With this tool, forest land owners and natural resource managers can explore options for responding to climate change by determining where seeds or seedlings should be sourced so that they are suited to grow well in the projected future climate. The Seedlot Selection Tool is a web-based mapping application that can be used to map current or future climates based on different climate change scenarios. It is tailored for matching seedlots (seedlings from a known area) and planting sites, but can be used by anyone interested in mapping climates defined by temperature and water availability. The Seedlot Selection Tool allows the user to control various input parameters, and can be customized for the management practices, climate change assumptions, and risk tolerance of the user.

Currently, the Seedlot Selection Tool maps the northeastern and western United States including Alaska, Canada, and Northern Mexico. Work is underway to expand the tool to the southeastern U.S. To learn more about the Seedlot Selection Tool read this USDA blog post , watch this recorded webinar, or read more background on the tool.