Climate Impacts Group - University of Washington


The Climate Impacts Group supports the development of climate resilience by advancing understanding and awareness of climate risks, and working closely with public and private entities to apply this information as they act to shape society’s future. The Climate Impacts Group develops and delivers scientific information that is both useful to and used by the decision making community by fully integrating research with stakeholder engagement. Our approach involves: 1. Identifying climate-related information needs and areas of concern in partnership with resource managers, planners and policy makers; 2. Advancing scientific understanding of regional climate and climate impacts through interdisciplinary research; 3. Developing, delivering, and supporting the application of targeted information and tools; 4. Developing, testing, and delivering guidance for climate-smart planning and management; and 5. Enhancing community understanding and capacity to address climate impacts, risks, and responses through outreach and engagement with natural resource managers, planners, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, the media, and others. We work on spatial scales ranging from local communities to the entire western U.S. region, with most work to-date focused on the Pacific Northwest. Research at the Climate Impacts Group is primarily supported by project-based grants and contracts from federal, state, and local sources.


Climate impacts group generates scientific data, tools, guidance and capacity to assist with managing climate risks.They work to connect actionable science to decision-makers and communities across the Pacific Northwest region.

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