Meet Partners of the Northwest Climate Hub

The success of the Northwest Climate Hub in engaging land management stakeholders on management practices, decision support tools and climate and weather information is achieved through close coordination with other USDA, federal, and state agencies along with university and NGO partners. These partnerships are crucial for multi-way communication and coordination among land owners, tech-transfer specialists, and research communities.

United States Department of Agriculture ()

Agriculture Research Service ()

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ()

Economic Research Service ()

Farm Service Agency ()

Forest Service ()

          Climate Change Resource Center ()

Pacific Northwest Research Station ()

Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program ()

Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center ()

Rocky Mountain Research Station (

National Agricultural Statistics Service ()

National Institute of Food and Agriculture ()

Natural Resources Conservation Service ()



Risk Management Agency ()

Rural Development ()

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ()

Climate Prediction Center ()

National Weather Service ()

National Center for Environmental Information ()

National Integrated Drought Information System ()

Pacific Northwest Drought Early Warning System ()

RISA Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy ()

RISA Climate Impacts Research Consortium ()

Western Regional Climate Center ()

Department of Interior ()

          Alaska Climate Science Center ()

          Northwest Climate Science Center ()


Landscape Conservation Cooperatives ()

Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands ()

Artic LCC ()

Great Basin LCC ()

Great Northern LCC ()

North Pacific LCC ()

           Northwest Boreal LCC ()

           Western Alaska ()

National Drought Mitigation Center ()

States, County Agencies and Organizations


Oregon Climate Research Institute ()

Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors ()











Non-governmental organizations / Non-profit organizations