Teach Kids about Farming, Climate, and Soil with Sr. Sapo and the Caribbean Climate Hub

Sr. Sapo from “Atención Atención” has a new hobby, which aside from being very healthy seeks to educate children on food production and how to grow fruits and vegetables. He loves to cook, so he decided to create a garden in his own backyard to grow food and have daily access to fresh crops. Sr. Sapo’s new hobby is farming!
Project Status: 
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Start-End Date: 
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Atención Atención Inc
U.S. Forest Service

New Video For Kids! Sr. Sapo is a very popular figure among kids in Puerto Rico and Latin America and he has a new healthy hobby, agriculture! The USDA Caribbean Climate Hub and the group Atención Atención Inc. partnered to produce the video that talks about how food is grown and its relationship with nature. The video promotes agriculture and illustrates how food production is influenced by the climate through the experiences of Sr. Sapo in his home garden to fosters children’s understanding of how the food we eat is connected to sunshine, rain and the soil. In the video we see how Sr. Sapo learns to prepare the soil and manages to harvest fruits and vegetables after his garden was affected by a drought followed by a heavy flood, showing the importance of protecting the soil for agriculture.

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