TACCIMO: Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options


TACCIMO is a web-based information delivery tool that connects climate change science with forest management and planning needs. It is currently expanding to include information on agriculture, rangeland, and livestock planning as well. Science content in TACCIMO consists of findings (text quotations and figures) from peer-reviewed climate change literature. TACCIMO's literature content helps users identify potential effects of climate change on key resource areas and provides corresponding management options to abate or adapt to future changes. TACCIMO allows users to search, sort, and filter a pre-selected set of findings from peer-reviewed literature according to custom selections. This helps users quickly scan through climate change research. Climate change publications and findings can be viewed in a free exploration environment that allows for searching by keywords.


To connect users with climate change science related to forest planning needs. Users can filter a database of scientific evidence that identifies possible effects of climate change on forest ecosystems (along with agriculture, rangeland, and livestock, in development) and management options for dealing with those effects. Additionally, an email notification service, SERCH LIGHTS, alerts users when climate conditions may threaten resources near their geographic area(s) of interest.


The main TACCIMO inputs are findings (text quotations and figures) from peer-reviewed scientific literature that outline climate change effects and management options.

SERCH LIGHTS inputs include NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center monthly drought outlook forecasts, TACCIMO quotations, analysis of freely available geospatial datasets, and links to other adaptive management tools or resources.


TACCIMO outputs consist of exportable results in a variety of formats (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.). The results draw from publications describing expected effects of climate change with management options based on user defined selections of subject areas, region, and resolution.

SERCH LIGHTS outputs are contained within an html-formatted email that can be saved or forwarded to other users. The alert email is only sent to users whose geographic areas of interest are within the forecasted drought outlook footprint. Alert outputs consist of drought outlook maps, narrative summaries, geospatial data visualizations, and links to other adaptive management tools or resources.

Tool Developers: 

Steve McNulty, Chris Liggett (retired), Emrys Treasure, Jennifer Moore Myers, John Cobb, Sarah Wiener, Lisa Jennings (past), Rob Herring (past), David Meriwether, Paul Arndt, Nancy Grulke, Lisa Balduman, and Bruce Goines (retired).

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