State of Oregon Declare Drought Emergency for Klamath County

Upper Klamath Lake

The due to low snowpack, precipitation, and streamflows, and warmer than normal temperatures.  

The continuing low snowpack, lack of precipitation, low streamflows and warmer than normal temperatures are likely to cause natural and economic disaster conditions in Klamath County, resulting in a severe, continuing drought emergency during 2018. 

Forecasted water conditions are not expected to improve, and drought is likely to have significant economic impacts on agriculture, livestock, and natural resources in Klamath County. Dry conditions will place agricultural and livestock investments at risk; threaten natural resources, and recreational and tourism activities; and subject the regional economy to widespread and severe damage. 

Conditions are being monitored and analyzed by the state's natural resource and public safety agencies, including the Oregon Water Resources Department and the Oregon Office of Emergency Management. 

Preparation and timely response to drought are vital to the safety of persons, property, and the economic security of the citizens and businesses of Klamath County. 

by the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS). (which is updated every week). Additional resources to help monitor drought and report impacts of drought can be found at this .


Klamath county, Oregon
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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