Measuring Timber and Woody Biomass in San Juan Forests

Strategies to estimate the volume of timber and woody biomass in your forest

Understanding which and how many trees need to be removed from your forest is critical to a successful thinning project. This workshop will introduce participants to basic strategies for installing forest inventory plots and collecting sufficient data to calculate timber volumes. We will learn how to distinguish between merchantable and non-merchantable trees, and discuss options for utilizing non-merchantable woody biomass.

This workshop is the second in a three-part series on woody biomass in the San Juans. You may also be interested in our February 24th workshop, Thinning Overstocked Stands for Health and Productivity, and our June 30th workshop, How to Manufacture Biochar from Woody Biomass.

Topics include:

  • How to set up a basic forest inventory system

  • How to use basic forest inventory tools

  • Templates to calculate timber and woody biomass volumes

  • Converting timber volume to value

  • What makes timber merchantable or non-merchantable

  • Biomass utilization methods including habitat, soil improvement, firewood, chips, biochar, bioenergy and more

  • Funding resources to help you pay for an inventory and management plan


  • Kirk Hanson | Northwest Natural Resource Group – Kirk owns owns 100 acres of forest in western Washington, and has been working on behalf of small woodland owners for over 20 years.

Details and registration:

WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2018
WHERE: Midkiff Family Forest, Lopez Island, WA - we will send out directions and event times to registrants.

All forest owners are encouraged to attend!
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This workshop is offered at no cost thanks to grant funding from:

Risk Management Agency

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Measuring Timber and Woody Biomass in San Juan Forests
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