Responding to Oak Wilt on the Menominee Forest

Sorting seeds to be planted in oak wilt treatment areas
Menominee Tribal Enterprises are reforesting sites affected by oak wilt, using a diverse mix of future-adapted species. Planting is underway, including tree species and understory species.
Project Status: 
Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin
Start-End Date: 
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Menominee Tribal Enterprises, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Expansive forests of large maple, oak, and birch trees are prized across the Northwoods for many reasons, including their beauty, their diversity, and their ability to provide valuable wood. Unfortunately, forests pests and disease pose increasingly large threats for these and other forests in the region. On the Menominee Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin, foresters are working to respond to oak wilt and other threats, while also creating forests that will be better adapted to future conditions. on the Climate Change Response Framework website.

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