Essential Education on Coastal Resilience for Rhode Island Professionals

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(CRC) has produced an online learning tool about how coastal communities can adapt to climate change.

(Providing Resilience Education for Planning in Rhode Island) presents an overview of the potential impact of rising sea levels and stronger storms on Rhode Island homes and businesses, options for increasing coastal resilience, and solutions already being implemented across Rhode Island. The tool provides a simple, direct, and self-paced means for municipal officials in coastal communities, professionals engaged in development, and the general public to learn about how to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The tool includes six modules: climate change in Rhode Island, planning for flooding, protecting infrastructure investments, mapping tools, managing stormwater, and integrating adaptation into local planning. Well-informed policies, regulations, and practices can play a key role in developing long-term strategies to reduce risks from a changing climate. Such an effort begins with education. introduces participants to the relevant science within the context of community planning, and examines ways in which municipalities can get ahead of such threats.

“The project shares the collective wisdom of Rhode Island’s most informed researchers and strongest practitioners in coastal resilience strategies. It has been a real pleasure to work with the region’s best minds on this topic. Publishing their knowledge to benefit the entire state has made our efforts all the more worthwhile.” - Pamela Rubinoff, Project Manager of PREP-RI at CRC

is a skills and knowledge builder that will add to the state’s capacity to develop safer, more resilient, coastal communities. It is freely available to all, and provides essential science and training to those working in community preparedness and development. Emergency response, property management personnel, and business leaders in industries such as construction, marinas, property insurance and real estate stand to benefit.

PREP-RI, sponsored by the State of Rhode Island, was produced by CRC in cooperation with the . The RI Department of Environmental Management, the RI Coastal Resources Management Council, the RI Division of Planning, and the RI Emergency Management Agency all participated in the production of PREP-RI. Professionals and practitioners from several municipalities advised on the course material, structure, and style of delivery. State officials have since endorsed PREP-RI and have been encouraging municipal partners to take the course.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

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