Pasture Resiliency Field Day

Interested in finding ways adapt your pasture system to the changing climate while spending less on feed and keeping more of your milk?

In an interactive field day format, participants will walk the pastures at and discuss current climate science, soil health and the simple changes that can be made to increase pasture productivity and quality. Particpants will practice measuring available forage per acre, calculate required acreage to meet dry matter intake goals and talk about how to make changes in management so forage plants start growing earlier in the spring, better through the mid-summer, and longer in the fall.

Morrison's Feed Nutritionist, Mike Thresher, will also be present to offer practical perspective on how grazing management effects rotations, protein, energy and milk production.

Field Day Details:
  • 10:30am Meet at Sweet Rowen Farm's milking barn at 1942 Lafont Rd, East Albany, Vermont
  • 10:40am Farm introduction and recent pasture improvements - by Paul Lisai and Kat Tolman, Farm Owners
  • 11:00am Climate science, projections and effects on farm economics - by Erin Lane, USDA Northeast Climate Hub Coordinator, and Lynn Knight, USDA Northeast Climate Hub Co-Director and NRCS Regional Economist
  • 11:20am Soil quality as an adaptation strategy to climate variability - by Charlotte Rosendahl, Sterling College Soil Scientist
  • 11:35am Planning for resiliency: Improving forage and dry mater intake - by Sarah Flack, Grass-based and Organic Livestock Production Consultant
  • 11:45am Weaving it all together [pasture walk] - led by Sarah Flack, Grass-based and Organic Livestock Production Consultant
  • 1:30pm FREE lunch
Please RSVP by Monday August 6th, 2018 to Sarah Damsell

Phone: 802-334-6090 x 7008 // Email:

VTAAFM Approved for 2 hours of Required RAP Water Quality Training

Hosted by  (OCNRCD). OCNRCD was established in 1946 as a non-regulatory organization led by local landowners, and strives to protect natural resources by seeking solutions to local environmental concerns and providing resources to address them.​

Event Description: 
An interactive field day that includes walking pastures at Sweet Rowan Farm and discussions on current climate science, soil health and the simple changes that can be made to increase pasture productivity and quality. 
Event Date: 
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 10:30 to 14:00