Latest Northeast Climate Hub Additions

GradCAP Scholars explored synergies in their work while in Portland, Maine after a year of remotely sharing their graduate research on climate adaptation.
Julian Reyes reports on updates from the project group working on "Soil as a social ecological feedback: Mapping the social and ecological processes for agroecosystem resilience in the era of climate change" and their visit to SESYNC.
William DellaCamera faces new responsibilities and decisions for Cecarelli Farms. 
Some aspects of a changing climate may present opportunities to increase productivity in West Virginia (WV) and the Appalachian region of the United States.
What do these have in common - songbirds, soil bacteria, farmer decision-making, and mathematical watershed modeling? 
Our changing climate isn’t just raising temperatures and bringing heavier rains to the Northeast. Atmospheric and ocean circulation patterns may also be shifting.
As a 2019 NRCS Project Liaison with the Northeast and Southeast USDA Climate Hubs, Chris Miller will be leading a project to assess the impact of sea level rise, coastal flooding and saltwater inundation on agricultural producers in the Eastern and Gulf Coast…
Two new climate science reports were released last fall and highlight the continuing peril of climate change.
There may be little that individual producers can do to change the climate, but there are ways to adapt quickly to anticipated weather-related risks.