Oyster catchers in Glacier Bay

Alaska has warmed more than twice as rapidly as the rest of the United States. Water drives ecosystems and livelihoods in Alaska, and the resulting changes in snow, ice, and water have costs to natural resources and ways of life. These changes will continue for the foreseeable...

Changing water dynamics in Alaska

Drought has economic, social, cultural, and ecological costs and in the Pacific Northwest droughts are expected to occur more often and for prolonged periods due to changes in climate. As drought becomes more prevalent changes to natural resources are expected. To promote...

Drought impacts and management options in the Pacific Northwest

These improvements better enable users to explore and interpret climate-related data, and incorporate that information into their projects and landscape-level or regional planning efforts.

CONUS Climate Console

Coproduction is a collaborative effort to produce usable or actionable science between scientists and users of science.  In practice, it is a negotiated and iterative engagement with end users and scientists that develop over time. Advantages of using coproduction: Decision...


The Pacific Northwest Biochar Atlas is a regional resource for biochar users and producers. Learn what biochar is, its benefits, how to make it and who is producing it. Read case studies describing benefits of using it. This resource provides guidance to farmers, gardeners, and...

Pacific Northwest Biochar Atlas

Northwest USDA Northwest Climate Hub Regional Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies  2014 National Climate Assessment for the Northwest  Climate Change in the Northwest: Implications for our landscapes, waters and...

Northwest Vulnerability Assessments

A program to generate high-resolution climate data for climate change studies and applications in British Columbia and western North America


A collection of agricultural pest tools to assist with reducing crop loss due to pests, weeds or disease.

Provides climate data and develop spatial climate data sets to reveal short-term and long-term climate patterns for the continental United States.

Prism Climate Group

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