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Day neutral strawberries at UNH's Woodman Horticulture Research Farm

This report details the findings from the USDA Northeast Climate Hub's Capacity Discovery project.  Implemented in spring 2015, an online survey led by Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University established the current and future capacity of land-grant universities in...

Current Activities and Future Priorities at Universities in the Northeast

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center

The CCRC addresses the land manager's question "What can I do about climate change?" The CCRC provides information about climate change impacts on forests and other ecosystems, and approaches to adaptation and mitigation in forests and grasslands. The website...

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center - Ed. Modules

Provide an in-depth introduction to basic climate change science, the effects of climate change on forest and grassland ecosystems, and how we can respond to climate change with management.

Education Modules

A collection of agricultural pest tools to assist with reducing crop loss due to pests, weeds or disease.

This is a global network providing access to peer practitioners, tools, information and training focused on nature-based solutions to enhance coastal resilience.

Coastal Resilience

Use this map to see locations and sizes of wildfires in context of long-term fire history, land cover types, current fires, fire size, fire cause, and more.

Alaska Wildfires: Past and Present

Useful to Usable

The suite of decision-support tools was a product of this effort to help producers make better long-term decisions on what, when and where to plant, and how to manage crops for maximum yields and minimum environmental damage. The Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) was a...

Useful to Useable (U2U)

Regional Assessments Colorado Climate Plan (2015) The Colorado Climate Plan is a statewide strategy of policy recommendations and actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to increase Colorado’s level of preparedness. The Colorado Climate Plan focuses on seven main...

Colorado Climate Plan 2015 Regional Assessment

Northern Plains Climate Hub (NPCH) Vulnerability Assessment The Northern Plains has experienced increased weather variability and climatic changes throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries. The NPCH Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and...

Northern Plains Climate Hub (NPCH) Vulnerability Assessment

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