Crop Management

The effects of climate change on crop production will vary by region, and will largely be a factor of impacts on resources important to agricultural production, such as soil and water. Climate change is and will affect all aspects of crop management from planting dates to seed varieties. The resources below provide insights into managing some of these challenges.

A program to generate high-resolution climate data for climate change studies and applications in British Columbia and western North America


A collection of agricultural pest tools to assist with reducing crop loss due to pests, weeds or disease.

Climate change projections indicate an increase in average temperature across the year, a longer growing season, and a shift in precipitation from summer to winter, these changes will increase summer water stress, whereas in Alaska increased precipitation is projected along with...

Climate Change Basics: Northwest Agriculture

Delaware State University's Tunnel Houses

Smart Phone or Tablet? We suggest jumping over here for an improved virtual experience!   High tunnels help small farmers protect and improve their operations by serving as a shelter from sun, pests and intense rain events. Farmers are adapting as average temperatures increase...

High Tunnels at DSU

Rockaways Boardwalk

Smart Phone or Tablet? We suggest jumping over here for an improved virtual experience!   As the climate continues to warm, both the rainfall intensity and total amount of rainfall from large storms are projected to increase. Hurricane Sandy is just one example of how these...

Building Resiliency at the Rockaways

To connect users with climate change science related to forest planning needs. Users can filter a database of scientific evidence that identifies possible effects of climate change on forest ecosystems (along with agriculture, rangeland, and livestock, in development) and...

TACCIMO: Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options

A series of integrated decision support tools to help agricultural businesses add value. AgBizEnvironment gives you the ability to account for environmental impacts when analyzing business decisions. AgBizClimate is both a farm-level decision support tool and an assessment tool...

AgBiz Logic

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